Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Side Projects!


I'm easily distracted, it seems!  Rather than getting on with either of my on going projects, I took an online workshop with Josie Dunn of

It was a fun class, and a good opportunity to use a little of the fabric that I'd won from Creative Quilting - the rainbow Dimples.

This is the wall hanging that I made (15" x 10"), where rather than actually stitching down each link, I opted instead to use a decorative stitch down the lines.

I wonder if I made it again whether I'd use fusible on the back of the fabric.  I can't quite decide.
This was  the piece before I backed and quilted it, with just the ends of the loops caught into the seams.
My next piece was made with the remains of what I'd already cut - so some loops made into a wave pattern (which I thought would be easier to quilt) and the 'inners' again trapped in the seams to make this cheerful fabric base.
This is the picture of the piece once it was quilted.  I just outlined the colour bits with gold thread and a straight stitch - nothing fancy!
And here it is made into a bucket, with a rainbow binding.  Approx 12" high and wide.
It feels like ages since I've made one of these, but I haven't lost the memory of how to make them!  I'm pleased to have these two little finished items.

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  1. These are a great little collection - wonderful vibrant fabrics and a great design ... Win win!!!


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