Wednesday 26 September 2018

More blocks

 Most of my sewing this week has revolved around these fabrics and a collective project by my DD1s class to make a baby quilt for their form tutor.  Always fun to work on a project with young people!

With the left over fabric I will make a few little bits and pieces to be gifted with it, including this, my first 'weebrawbag' from a pattern by Laura Zuckerkuss.  Fun and faster than I expected to make.
 It was a birthday week for me - these were some of the lovely cards that I got.  These particular ones are all fabric postcards from a swap group that I'm part of.  You could probably guess that my requested theme was 'penguins'!  Aren't they terrific?

Of course, I'm trying to stay on top of my Aves BOW too.

This set of 3 1/2" blocks are from Week 35.
This (rather over full) 6 1/2" block is week 36.  I may still have another go at this one, as it hasn't hit even my normal standards.  The argument against this is, of course, that I haven't remade anything else so far, so it seems a bit 'fake' somehow to re-make this one.  I'll let the idea settle for a while and see how I go, whilst making much simpler things which require less marking accuracy of the pieces!

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Pleased with my Progress

 The start of the new school term means that I have more time and energy for sewing - so I've had a chance to catch up on the Block of the Week Aves quilt that I'm making.

Week 31 was these eight 3 1/2" blocks, made using the fast flying geese technique.
 A single 6 1/2" block for Week 32.
 Another set of eight 3 1/2" blocks for Week 33
Another single 6 1/2" block for Week 34.

I'm still learning about machine applique - and didn't manage to add these little pieces without them shifting quite a lot.  I'd decided against pinning - it seemed that there was lot of pin compared to fabric - but might think about a temporary glue to hold them in future to achieve a better placement once they are sewn.

Phew!  Pleased to be caught up!

Tuesday 11 September 2018

A little further on...

 It's been a while, but here is Week 30 of my version of the Aves Block of the Week quilt.  These 6 1/2" blocks seemed to take an age to put together - partly because I didn't read the instructions properly and cut some of the fabric squares too large.  At least I could cut them down to the right sizes!
A lovely surprise for me last night, when the lovely Benta gave me my birthday present early! Very smart project bag and matching zippy pouch, and fab colours on the fabric.  I'm delighted with them both, thank you Benta!

I'm hoping to get a little more sewing done this week - it would be nice to start gaining ground on my block of the week programme with a view to being up to date by the end of the month, if I can!