Tuesday 24 August 2021

It's Show Time!

 Given how much of my blog is given over to quilting, you might have thought that my title referred to a quilt show, but no, it's my local horticultural show!

Of course, I'm planning on entering a quilt into the craft section - as well as some lemon curd, perhaps some bread, and anything else that I can rustle up on Friday, ready for the show on Saturday.  If you are local, you can enter too, you don't need to be a member of the society.

We'd hoped to enter some fruit and veg, but the garden hasn't been as productive as sometimes - we've battled blight, slugs and snails this year - so I'm not sure that that will happen!

Still, I'm sure that other people will have done much better and I'm looking forward to going along, not only to help Georgie with her stall selling FabWraps, but also to see what other people have brought along to enter into the summer show.  Perhaps I'll see you there?  All welcome!

Kew Horticultural Society Show, Saturday 28th August, Kew Green, London.

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Another Quilt Finish!

I'm delighted to finish this little quilt, held here so delightfully by my DD2!

I used a mixture of the half square triangles (which I made into pin wheels) and four patches made from the stack of ready cut scrap squares.

Then I used the idea of the layout from the Lintott book, so I added sashing and borders in the same fabrics to give the columns a great background.

You can see some of the pinwheels here.  The split colour triangles add extra interest.

I added very simple quilting with the walking foot.  Just one direction, wavy lines along the length of the columns.
Backed with this colourful zig zag.

It's very cheerful!

Another one on the completed pile.  This one is 41" x 55".  Perfect for a little person to cuddle up in.

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Work starts on another quilt

The quilt that I finished last week used a 'covered corners' technique to make the 'pineapple' effect.  This leaves you with lovely HST bonus squares.

It takes a little while to iron and trim them, but it's really worth while!

You get to transform this sort of pile.....
....into this sort of pile.

In their book 'Jelly Roll Quilts'  the Lintotts give a bonus quilt pattern to use them up.

As they are trimmed down to 3.5" square, I might add the 3.5" squares that I already have in my scrap drawer to see if I can do something different with them.  

It's going to be fun to see what I have and what layout I might use.  This is when I really wish I had a design wall, not a design floor!!