Wednesday 29 December 2021

Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year!

I'm pleased to say that I finished the year with a completed quilt 'flimsy'!  The first of the star quilts is put together.

Not a great photo - but it was enough to show me that I'd made an error - oops!  Can you see that the left hand side of the right hand middle star is wrong?  I made a mistake and didn't pick it up when I made the single star, only when it was sewn into the top.

Don't worry, I've fixed the problem now.

Just waiting for the wadding and thinking about what fabric(s) to use for the backing.

In the meantime, enjoy the remains of the festivities, and if you feel the need to make resolutions, remember to include something lovely and crafty or arty in there.  Good for you, good for your mental health.  Take care in 2022 everyone!

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Happy Christmas!

In this season of giving I had a bonus - a surprise visit from a friend who has settled in Australia.  Perfect, as I was able to pass over this somewhat delayed wedding gift to her and her husband!

A year after I finished it (see or read about it here) it is with the people that it was sewn for.

It makes me very happy!
Alongside that I've made a couple more stars.  

They will look familiar, but the 'echo' fabric is different for this quilt top, breeze blue rather than  sea foam green.

The background, print and inner star points are all the same as the last quilt top, though.
More things that make me happy, sewing anything for friends and family!

Hope that you are going to have the happiest Christmas that you can in the circumstances that you find yourself.

Festive wishes to one and all!

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Tiny Ornament Sew Along

Kitty Wilkins, aka The Night Quilter, has been hosting a tiny ornaments sew along for the last couple of weeks.  I've been slightly dull and made 9 of the same pattern (so far!) - but I really love this stupidly small Christmas tree!
So there was a bit of this going on - trimming blocks and cutting ribbons for them, before sewing around them ready for stuffing and finishing.
But one of the best things about them? All the trees and the immediate backgrounds for them came from the scraps from some of these star blocks!

Isn't that great?  

I've kept the rest of the triangles from the 'covered corner' method that was used in this pattern to use in more tiny stitching silliness - although they wouldn't usually meet my standards for keeping, as I can't cut a 1.5" square out of them....lucky these tiny ornaments can rescue them!

 These are the final two stars of the nine to make the first quilt.  Still not laid out and sewn together!  Still, progress, even if slow, is progress.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

More Stars

Four more Vintage Tile blocks made this week!

When I lay them out together like this, you can see how the secondary stars appear in the background.

Isn't it lovely?

The finished size that I am going to make is 9 blocks.

Onwards and upwards - I still need to make another 2 stars to make my total for this first of two quilts that I've planned.

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Seeing Stars

I see a lot of these in my near future!  I'm making two almost matching quilts (one for my eldest and one for her best friend).  Same pattern for each - Vintage Tiles by Lou Orth - but a different 'shadow' colour on each quilt, so that they are different but similar.

I need to make nine stars for each quilt (60" square finished).

I have cut out all the pieces and make block 'kits' for all of them.

I think that on a 'good' day I can probably make two blocks a day - but it does rather depend on what else is going on.  So far I've had a day when I made one, a day when I made two and a day when I made none!  It's not really going to plan!

I've decided that I'd better not try and stick to my original idea - of a quilt top being finished in a week - as it seems like that might be unrealistic, with the rest of real life needing to happen too!

So you might be seeing more of these appearing in my blog over some weeks yet!