Wednesday 25 January 2023

Orphan Blocks

At our recent quilt group meeting (Richmond and Kew Quilters - come along on month and meet us!) we all took our orphan blocks in, and were able to pick up blocks from other people that we thought we might be able to add to / use in some way.

I've come home with a great haul!

Three blocks (are they kaleidoscope blocks?) with this pretty and quirky toadstool print.

A length of maritime themed fabrics joined together.
A selection of blocks relating to 16-patches.

And finally, a bag of mostly hexagons, with a few other shapes thrown in too.

I can't wait to get started on devising projects to use these orphans.  Always fun to be using someone else's cast offs!

Wednesday 18 January 2023

It's a Cover Up!

I was lucky enough to get a free improv idea / pattern from Brenda Gael Smith as I'm a newsletter subscriber (the best way to find out about planned virtual workshops with her - she's a great teacher!).  Thank you, Brenda!

It was perfect timing, as I love the chance to try a new to me technique, and this wasn't too challenging for me, and I also wanted to make a small table topper.

Why did I need to make a topper?

Well, look at this - we decided we wanted to keep an additional side table available in our living room, but look at it!

It hasn't been treated kindly over the years of being the table we've stood our Christmas tree on - and the spillages of water related to that (can you see that in that time we've had both square and round holders!?!).

So much nicer to look at my dashed lines - even if my family are calling it a five lane highway!

I had great fun making this 15" x 18" topper.

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Lucky Me!

Happy New Year!

I'm just catching up with myself after the festive season (which included a household full of flu too - slightly less festive!).

Isn't this gorgous?  An EPP medallion appliqued on to a tote bag - in just my colours!  A masterpiece by Benta!

And there was more in my Christmas bundle of goodies  - she'd also made this garland of lights for me.....
.....shown here decorating my shelves.... well as this lovely Christmas 'ginger'!  Fabulous presents, thank you, Benta!
And also on a sewing theme, my secret Santa present.

Wrapped up.....

.....and unwrapped - a beautiful paid of scissors, in the shape of a unicorn pegasus (or whatever the correct term is for a winged unicorn!).  Perfect for my new Quilt Group folder / holder.  Thank you, Secret Santa!