Wednesday 25 April 2012

Lucky me!

Exactly what you need, when feeling a bit ropey, is a beautifully wrapped parcel (yes, that's wrapped with fabric, which always has to be a winner!) from a quilty friend.

Even better if when you open it, it's a whole host of homemade goodies, beautifully made, and all requiring almost instant use!
I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a Benta 'Pay It Forward' gift - so shortly I'll be asking for volunteers who would like to receive something from me at some point in the next six months or so to send me their names...... but first, I'll explain what you can see in my (not very expert) photo.  First of all a beautifully made drawstring bag, then a host of scissors labels (much better than my family remembering which scissors are for which type of material), then some block labelling pins (a whole alphabet - wow!), and then some extra labelling pins (for me, DH and both DDs), as well as the fabric and ribbon used to wrap them all.

One might hope that this would stir me into action, but sadly........ ;-(  Not much sewing action at the moment, although I am almost up-to-date with my TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) sample pages, so perhaps I'll be able to post a photo of that next week.

Despite not doing much sewing, I was still seduced into buying a bit more fabric at the weekend.  Well, with a group of fabrics on sale called 'Tantalising Turquioses' (from Doughty's on line store) it would almost seem rude not to sign up for a few metres!  It's one colour that I can never have too much of, and I even treated myself to a purple or two to go with it.

Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

 So I could show you the Easter decorations that the girls and their friends have made this week (or the little bottles of perfume, likewise), or the cards made at school and 'kept secret' until today, or the little display of chocolate eggs that each girl had at her place at the breakfast table this morning, or even report that we went to the cinema to see 'Hop!', or that even as I write this the girls are searching for eggs in their Aunty and Uncle's garden, or that our hens don't lay anything foil wrapped, even on Easter Sunday. 

I could, but I don't have photos of those events that are better than the photos that I have posted!  These are just three of the 210 giant eggs that have been 'hidden' in London over the last month or so, and which are now all gathered in a wondrous mass at Covent Garden.

If you have time and are any where close, then do head over to admire them. 

We invested £2.50 in a catalogue / spotter's guide (actually, I lie, we invested £5 in two and prevented any squabbling about who was ticking which egg off - thank heavens I had two pens with me!) and spent a very happy time examining eggs, considering whether we liked them or not,  discussing how the decoration had been applied, talking about how we would decorate one, given the chance...... in between eating ice-cream, watching buskers, listening to a string quintet, examining items for sale - and all the other things that make a trip to Covent Garden fun for small people.
So, happy egg hunting / chocolate eating / Easter celebrating for those of you so inclined - and if you want to see us in our early celebration, look in the reflection on 'No. 8' above - you might just make out me wielding the camera, DD1 studying the guide and DD2 giving me a cheeky grin.  Situation normal, then!

Happy Easter, one and all!