Wednesday 23 December 2020

Festive Wishes!

 The tree and decorations are up, the presents are (fabric) wrapped, the shopping for the festive feasting has been done...... so even though my heart is heavy, as we won't be spending Christmas with our usual extended family, I'm putting my chin up, setting my shoulders back, and planning to do everything that I can to ensure that my immediate family have the best Christmas that they can in these unusual circumstances.

Festive wishes to you, one and all.  I hope that you are all able to find some holiday happiness to enjoy and that you are able to appreciate even the smallest things that raise a smile for you or someone else.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

A Quilt Finish


Finished!  Delectable mountains blocks set in a 'reflecting' pattern (although I have nine rows - all I could squeeze out of my green fabrics - so I have an extra row on the bottom of the quilt.
It's been through the washer and dryer, so it's lovely and scrumply - although I would usually have taken it out just a little earlier to get a flatter fold!
The backing was a vintage bed linen gift from Kate, who this quilt is destined for.  It's from a range which I think was called 'Down by the River'.
I used the rest of it to make an oversized tote to store the quilt in.  Curiously satisfying! 

The rest of my sewing has been making fabric bags for Chrirstmas wrapping.  Whilst I have enough for our family gifts, I find that I am making extras for my daughters to use for their presents for friends, and for extra birthday presents that need particular sizes!  All good fun, working with fabric and stitch is always going to make me happy!

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Nice Nisse!

I had a lovely early Christmas present from Benta - a Nisse kit!  Impossible to tell from this photo, but she'd stitched out the limbs and everything else that was needed, just ready for trimming, stuffing and assembling.  

A fun project for the start of December!

Hard to see the patterns on the limbs - but they are in a lovely grey / cream patterned fabric.

Here they are stitched and ready for the final assembly.

 After just a little sewing (a mixture of machine and hand sewing in my case), I have a fun Nisse to sit on the shelf.

A lovely start to our Christmas decorating, and a brilliant present.

Thank you, Benta!

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Work in Progress

 I managed to delete the photos that I'd taken of this changing from a set of blocks to a quilt top (doh!) - but do have this one of the quilt top being basted on my living room floor!

I had hoped to start quilting it, but I've been busy with other things instead, so it remains basted but otherwise untouched for another week.  Sometimes life just happens, doesn't it?