Wednesday 26 October 2022

Jewel Finish

Finished!  I'm really pleased with this little (54" square) quilt!

It's very simple - starting with a bunch of 3.5" squares and some sashing - but shows off the fabrics beautifully, which is what I wanted. 

They are a mix of some from my own scrap drawer, but a lot from a quilting friend, Cherille.  They work beautifully together.  Thanks, Cherille!

.This is the back.  All quite simple.
And the quilting was also simple, just enough with a variagated thread to hold everything in place, without taking anything away from the fabrics.

It all works well together!

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Improv Dandelion Clocks

On Saturday I enjoyed an online workshop with Jo Avery - making an improv dandelion clock.

Good fun!

This is my set of four blocks joined together, finishing at 24" square.

It will probably become a medallion centre to a scrappy quilt, but I'm not sure yet.

Of course, that felt a little on the large size, so I made some smaller blocks too, backed with some more joined together fabrics, which are shown here so you can see how I quilted the little mini that I made.
Finishing at 9" square, this is my mini, all ready to go up onto the wall to remind me of a fun day and a useful improve technique.

It was organised by the miniature group which is part of the quilters guild.  Thanks gals!


Wednesday 12 October 2022


I was working away on my quilt - but when I trimmed the edges after quilting, I had a nice long strip that seemed perfect to make 'Herb' - pattern from RicRac - so I got distracted!
Then, as I was finishing it, my DD2 spotted it and fell in love - so I ended up making a second one, having thought that my great niece might like one, which is why I'd got the pattern in the first place!

Fun distractions, quite fast to make, even though I can see that I still have some skill gaps in how to make the perfect soft toy! (all down to me, not the pattern, which is great!).

Wednesday 5 October 2022

It's Happening!

 I've made a start!  Here is the jewel box quilt (just 3" blocks sashed and on point) stuck to my living room floor, having just been basted.

Quilting, trimming and binding will follow.  It feels nice to be making a quilt!