Wednesday 10 May 2023

Another New Project

 Why only have one project on the go?

This is a Europe wide project - and I like to do anything I can to retain ties from the UK with Europe, however tangential it might be!

These are my first blocks for a challenge called 'Round Bobbin'.  The Swiss quilting guild were given some wooden bobbins when a textile factory was decommissioned.

They have given the bobbins to people who applied for them, along with a series of 35 prompt words, and are encouraging people to make 4" squares, eventually sewn into a length, relating to those words, that will use the bobbin as the hanging mechanism.

Here are my first four.  Paper, cotton, leather and flowers.

My base squares are all from my small stash of hand dyed fabric, dating back to when I dyed some as part of my C&G Patchwork and Quilting course.

The deadline for completion isn't until February 2024, so I've got plenty of time!

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