Tuesday 27 November 2018

Varied Sewing - Again!

 I thought that I had another few blocks to make, but it turned out that this was the final week of the Kathryn Kerr Aves Quilt Block of the Week 2018!

These easy 3 1/2" blocks.  The final pieces in the jigsaw.

Of course, the hard part was trying to make sure that I got the rest of the outside blocks in the right place and facing the right way, but....

The quilt top is finished!

I'm delighted with it.  Now I just have to decide on a backing fabric, baste it, quilt it, bind it and label it.  I'd really like to have it complete by Christmas....... but at 63" square it is quite a lot to manhandle though my sewing machine, so I'll just have to see how I go.
 I did to complete two other quilts this week, though. 

This one (using up the left over blocks and trying out a quilting idea on this 19" x 29" baby quilt).
 And this one, which was the main user of those lovely scrappy blocks!  At 50" x 66" its one of my favourite sizes to quilt - and is big enough to snuggle under if it's on a sofa.  I really hope that the recipient likes it, as I love the way that it's come together.
 I quilted with orange thread, bound the edge with orange fabric, and backed with a fabric that has plenty of orange dots in it.  Pleased that I had the right fabrics and threads in my stash for completing this.
 Having discovered how difficult the 'circles' were on the baby quilt, I opted to just have one circle quilting section on this one - in the focal square.  The rest was covered in a large meander.
These items were also made this week.  Much faster than the other big projects!  Made from some of the fabric that I was gifted by one of DD's friends last week. 
Finally, the smallest make of the week - a fabric postcard which is winging it's way over to Germany.

Isn't it brilliant what a variety of items you can make from some fabric so long as you have some time?

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Varied Sewing

 First of all, I have to ask that if any of you, dear readers, think that I have your email address, you are almost certainly wrong.  My laptop hard drive died, and although I'd backed up my photos and documents, I hadn't thought to back up my email account contacts.  If you'd like to be in contact with me by email, please drop me a line - thank you!

Now, to the sewing.  This was my version of Aves week 43 - a much simplified version that still didn't go together very well!
 I made some more fabric buckets / baskets - and finally finished the crochet bag that I was working on, seen in the 'project bucket' here.
 Time for a little handsewing after that.  The edges of the hexagons are 1".

Fun to try, but I'm not such a fan that I'm planning lots more of them.
 I came across a couple of zippy pouches that were cut out but not sewn (can you tell that it's been a tidying up sort of week?!?) so back to the sewing machine to complete them.

 Then it was time for four 6.5" blocks for the corner of the Aves quilt.

It seems late (only three more weeks to go!) to be introducing another fabric, but I bought this from Creative Quilting recently and love it.  Admittedly, leaves rather than feathers, but I love it!
Finally, making some more strip blocks and pulling them all together into trial layouts.  Not a great photo, but you get the idea!

I'm thinking of how to quilt it now - and putting off basting it!

I've also delivered 13 quilts to Project Linus this week so it really was a week of varied activities!

Hope that you've been enjoying some sewing or crafting time too!

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Seaside Sunshine

My seaside themed fabric postcard was just about the only sewing that I managed this week.  Good intentions overtaken by family socialising (and recovery from the socialising!) instead.

However, I've got another Aves block ready to sew and some fabric basket / bowls begging to be finished, so I'll happily be back at my sewing machine tomorrow!