Wednesday 30 September 2020

Small Sewing Projects


In between making / helping to make the last four scrap quilts, there have been other small projects going on.

I used this fun fabric (thanks, Kate!) showing Sydney Harbour scenes to make a quilted holder for a recently purchased nail filer gadget.

Pockets tailored to the size of the items.
I made and decorated this notebook for Benta.
I made sandwich wraps for those 'back to school' packed lunches.

Failed to find my iron on fusible waterproofing, so they are made with a loose layer of PVC, only caught to the fabric where the hem is.  We'll see how they last.

Lastly, I made a few more of these - different elastic styles to the preference of each of my daughters!

There is never any reason to be bored when you have plenty of fabric, thread and a needle!

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Last one of this series!

Final scrap quilt made with Georgie's FabWrap scraps!

This is one of my favourites!  I think that the mix of colours makes it more interesting than the other two that were made with these type of blocks.

Something to think about next time Georgie has sufficient scraps to make a batch of blocks.

The binding was an experiment, using some black and white zig zag.  I think that its fine for a scrap quilt, where it's OK for the binding to look scrappy, were there are different parts of the zig zag on show.  I wouldn't use it on a more regular quilt, though.

I do love the mix of fabrics in these scrap quilts!

Backed with another length of colourful zig zag, it finishes at 46" x 40".

Another finish, ready for donation.

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Yet another.....

Yet another scrap quilt made with Georgie's FabWraps scraps!

This time I have a shot of her laying out the blocks to make the design, after she'd sewn them and I'd trimmed them for her.

We worked together to sew them together in this striking design.
This is me trying an arty 'twist' shot
Backed with a blue twill shirting, quilted with a big meander, bound with that cheerful blue dotty fabric.
It finished just under 48" square.

Georgie is very excited about the prospect of being able to pass on quilts to Project Linus or similar.  It really pleases her that there is no waste from her fabric wrapping business.

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Another Scrap Quilt Complete

A second scrap quilt from Georgie's FabWraps scraps is complete!

Mostly blue, I extended it with some warmer colours through the centre one way, and some neutrals though the centre the other way.

I had a lot of fun coming up with a working layout for the blocks that we had made.
Backed with some IKEA print - love this fabric, but I've got less than a metre left of it now.

You can see that this one was quilted with a big meander.

 Binding was made from a cheerful blue spot.

Another donation quilt from Georgie's scraps.  They really have built up over the year!

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Scrap Quilt Complete

Scrap Quilt 1 of this little series is complete!

40" square, lots of different pinks made into 'crumb' blocks on the front and then joined together.

Another time I might try sashing them instead, rather than joining them edge to edge.

Backed and bound in a bright pink zig zag.
Quilted with my new-to-me quilting pattern, which I'm still learning to master, but quite like so far.  I makes a change from the loose meander that I often use, as it is so easy and so fast.

Now on to the next scrap quilt!