Wednesday 28 June 2023

Catching Up

A couple of weeks ago one of my quilting group members ran a mini-workshop on how to make this cute little 'origami' bag.

Isn't it fun?  A drawstring bag with two outside pockets, and really easy to make.

I remember making a couple many years ago, when my girls were tiny - and it was lovely to have a reminder about them and how to construct them!

 There is a very clear tutorial by Deb at OneLuckyDay right here.  Go ahead, take a look, grab two fatquarters and have a fun few minutes making one too!

I added a button to each side, but you could add any embellishment that you fancy - they could be a great vehicle for some lovely handstitching, for example.


Wednesday 21 June 2023

Back to my Blocks

I'm making good progress on my 3.5" square, mainly green batik, blocks.

Here are the next 16 blocks.

That's 32 down, 32 to go!

I'm tending to make them in batches of 4.  That way I have options when I'm chain piecing (although I only tend to work on two blocks at a time, otherwise I get confused!).

But I tend to choose and write out the cutting needed for each block in groups of four.

As you can see, I'm also choosing similar colours / fabrics for each set of four.  That way I'll have one for each side of the 'frame' that I'm going to sew.

It's a good theory, and I hope it will leave me with a good mix of colours and shapes on each side!

 Some blocks are easier than others - and some are more accurate than others!  Still, I'm sure that when they are all gathered together I won't feel too picky about the way that they are constructed!

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Frame Quilt Progress

Each month at my quilting group we are being given a new instruction each month, until we have a finished frame quilt.

This month we were encouraged to add squares to a border.

I chose to use 'seminole' patchworking.  This is how I did it.

First I cut some strip sets across the width of my fabric - these were 1.5" wide and sewing them together.

Then I cut them into sections.

Can we gloss over the fact that I didn't really think, and cut them into 2.5" sections instead of 1.5" sections?!?

I then had to go back and cut them down.  And now I'm wondering what to do with my 1" sections that I have left!

Then I sewed them together offset.  I thought that seven would be the right number for my centre square, but I was wrong - I had to do some unpicking!

I also added background strips at each end, shown here on the right.

Then I trimmed it square - final width 2" - and added it to the square - see the photograph at the top of the post.  Oh, and I added corner blocks too.

A fun challenge!

Wednesday 7 June 2023

Another Distraction!

I've had another distraction recently - an online 5 day challenge bookbinding course!  It was run by Ali Manning of Vintage Page Designs.

These three lovelies were the result - I'm thrilled with them!

Each book consists of 4 signatures - mine made from 200gsm watercolour paper.  Here they are folded, pressed and hole punched.
And all my covers were made of Kraft Tex - a paper 'fabric'.

This one was punched with my Crop-o-dile, but the other two were pierced with an awl instead, as the Kraft Tex was easy enough to get through.

The first book taught was with a chain stitch.
I used an elastic fastener.
Here it is from above.  Not perfect, but I'm pleased for my first effort.
On my third book I went for a different fastening - a simple strap version - but I think that I like the elastic better, as it keeps it more firmly closed.
So, chain stitch, wrapped running or long stitch, and running stitch.  Great additions to my number of little books!  

Many thanks to Ali for her clear instructions.  I'd really recommend her courses!