Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Small - and getting smaller!

Not much sewing this week - I've been distracted (mostly by a short book binding course - I'll share more next week, perhaps).

These are the four 3.5" blocks that I've made for my batiks quilt - and yes, they are very much at the quick and simple end of the ones that I plan to make.  I guess that I just wanted to make progress on it, even if it was only a little!

 And this is the 'smaller' project - a micro mini quilt of just 1.75" square (well, squarish - I'm not pleased with how the corner flared out when I was binding it!).

I remembered to reduce my stitch size for the quilting, so that it was in proportion!  And the binding strips were cut at 3/4" wide, so not much fabric to work with!  

Every year Berry_Birdy runs a micro mini stitch along in May (on Instragram).  This has been my only part of joining in so far this year.  Perhaps I'll manage another before the month is out!

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  1. The piecing is fab on your little quilts, I wouldn't have the patience, but I know I can't bind anything smaller than a mug rug - I'm in awe!!!


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