Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Busy, busy!

 Lots of sewing this week - delighted to have my sewing machine back from it's service!

 A total of 14  x 3 1/2" square blocks this week - I'd forgotten how fast these little blocks can go together.
 Some of them are nice and square, others need a bit of a trim and square up!
 Some had triangles that were teeny tiny by the time we'd finished!
 This is another pin cushion made with some of the scraps - about 3" square.
 Three post cards - all variants on a 9-patch theme and roughly 6" x 4".
 A hand stitched improve pin cushion - about 3 1/2" square.
Finally, three more 'wild women' - when I excavated the sewing machine for its service I found these three unfinished 'dolls'.  Roughly 2" x 3" plus hair, legs etc.  Good to get them completed and ready to give away at some point!

Now I need to decide which projects to take with me on holiday - always an exciting prospect!

Happy stitching, everyone!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

This and That!

 Ta-da!  The final 6 1/2" 'light' blocks from the second border are complete!

I haven't made any of the 3 1/2" dark blocks this week as my regular sewing machine has gone away for a service, and I don't trust the accuracy of my daughters machine which I've borrowed!
It was fine for making a few more sweet pea pod purses, though!
But the piecing on this 16 patch looks decidedly 'improv' even though I did start off with 16 x 1" pieces!

The windmill on the RH pincushion was the left over bits from the centre of the block in the first photo - too good to lose into my scrap basket!

My machine should be back by the end of the week and I'm looking forward to it!

Happy stitching, everyone!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Baden Powell Award and Bits and Bobs

 What a proud and happy girl!

DD1 worked hard and got her top Guiding award - completing the Baden Powell challenge.  She had to undertake 10 tasks (in her case these included taking her Water Safety badge, writing up notes about a visit to a wildlife reserve, cooking a meal from another culture - all sorts of things) and to go away with some Guides to take a challenge, where you weren't allowed more than two or three other girls that were from your own Guide Unit.  Quite a challenge for DD1, but she managed and feels very proud, as she should.

Thank you, Girl Guiding, for giving her this opportunity - and in particular thank you to her Guide Leaders for encouraging her!

 I've been getting on with my 365 challenge blocks again.

Almost at the end of this round of 6 1/2" light blocks.  Just two more to make and I'll have enough for the second border (not that I've sewn together the first (dark) border yet!).
 The little dark blocks are going to be the focus for the next couple of months, I think.  These ones could have done with a bit more contrast in my fabric choices, I think....I'll have to relearn that!
 I've also made this ready for the end of term - it was tricky to get the thread outline just right for the dragon, but I'm quite pleased with the final result.
 I also ordered some crushed walnut shells as I feel a pin cushion festival coming on!

Here are my first two attempts, made in response to seeing the ones on crazymomquilts.

I have lots of scraps, so I think that I might well be making more little lovelies!
Plate bag for DD2's camp made and filled.
Another small batch of sweet pea pods made too - that should cover the next couple of birthdays that I'd like to give a homemade gift for.

Phew!  Loved all my sewing this week, and I'm looking forward to getting more sewing done this week before the school holidays start and things get a bit busier at home!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Some blocks and a finish

 Another 8 365 challenge blocks this week!  I know that's not much of a catch up, but at least I'm not sliding backwards still!  I'm up to the 25th June now, and quite happy with my progress.
 More pretty blocks!  I'm enjoying the journey of this quilt, although I still have no idea what I will do with a quilt that is going to be so large.... apparently the blocks we've made already are sufficient to cover the top of a double bed!
 The finish is the Project Linus quilt that the girls started.  Didn't they do a good job?

Here it is in its fully bound glory.

We have our local Project Linus coordinator coming along to the Richmond and Kew Quilters next week - perfect for handing this quilt and a couple of others that I've made over to her.
Here it is showing the backing, which was two printed cot quilt  panels.

Off to make some more blocks and a plate bag, ready for DD2 to go off to Guide camp later this month.  She's shopped my stash and chosen something - and chosen fabric for the shoe bag needed once she moves up to secondary school too.  I'd better track down the cord that I know I've got somewhere!

Happy sewing everyone!