Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Anne Kelly Workshop Fun

On Sunday I went to a workshop with Anne Kelly, organised by Richmond and Kew Quilters.

Anne encouraged us to use vintage textiles, such as embroidered tableclothes or tray cloths, which are unlikely to be used in their current form, and add to them.

We block printed.  We coloured our prints with Sharpies.  We cut out floral motifs.  We added 'middle ground' pieces.  This is shown in this first photo.

I 'broke the rules' and extended mine to meet the criteria for a group quilting challenge (making a suitable background for a blackbird pin - you can see it below).

After a six hour workshop and a further 2/5 hours at home, I'm thrilled to present my cottage garden piece, which is slightly over A3 size.

The central 'heart' will be a place to put badges or pins as I choose.  I quite like the idea of something rude about the concept of Brexit but in the same style as the garden....but there are other contenders, and my 'Enthusiast' pin is a good place marker for the moment.

Anne was a great tutor - encouraging us all to follow our own whims.  It will be lovely to see the other pieces of work started at the workshop as they are finished and shown at our group meetings.


  1. What a lovely piece..I love the idea of using older textile pieces and bits of embroidered bureau scarfs thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

  2. It’s gorgeous- and so tactile IRL!


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