Tuesday, 26 November 2019

What 3 Words Quilt

 Have you heard about What3Words?

It has 'addressed the world' by splitting the world into 3m squares and giving each a unique identifier of three words in a particular order.

As one of my favourite colours is purple, how happy was I to find that part of my living room has this identifier?
Admittedly, not as much use as when you are trying to find someone lost on a moor, or even finding someone in a festival or park, but it entertains me!

My first foray into words, I tried to match the style of the word look right for the word that they were.  I know that there is a special name to describe that, but can't think of it right now!

I'm happy with the busy batik for the background,  It was a fun to make!


  1. How interesting Plum, I'm not aware of this. I'll need to find my square and get making.......once panto is finished!

  2. That’s great - you got perfect words: my front door is parade.ages.throw��

    (my kitchen is unwanted.slap.boil ��)


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