Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Ready with Wraps

 Too early to be talking about Christmas?  Emphatically yes!  Although not too early to be preparing for it, in my world!

These are the four sets of fabric wraps and bags and tags that I have made for me and my immediate family.

I get to keep the fabric with the penguins on - maker's perks (a bit like cook's perks in the kitchen, when you get to taste things early, or lick the cake bowl!).
 Actually, it's not just maker's perks.  I also bought extra fabric and made extra bags within my set.  Mother's perks, perhaps?
Of course, it wasn't just the four of us that needed sustainable wrapping for Christmas.  So here is a photo of nine of the eleven sets that I've made! 

Its been quite a lot of work, but worth it to know that we will have a foldable delight of wrapping under the tree this year, and for every Christmas to come!

If you don't want to sew your own, but want to buy some bags or wraps to share with the special people in your life, then you can always buy them from Georgie at FabWraps, of course!

Too early, I know, but fun to be prepared!

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