Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Colourful Quilt Top

 It all started well.

Half square triangles neatly trimmed.  Tick
 Shoo fly block laid out.  Tick.
 Shoo fly block.  Sewn.  Tick.
 Block cut apart.  Tick.
 Blocks rotated.  Tick.
 Block sewn together.  Errrr....... no.  I don't know how I managed to put them together differently from the way that they were arranged before I sewed them!  I obviously failed to sew the right sides of the two halves together.

What's worse, is that having sewn this as a test block, I then used it to make all subsequent blocks!

I suppose I should be grateful that all of them are wrongly the same!
 Of course, I didn't manage this lay out straight away - I managed to rotate a couple of the blocks by 90 degrees, so I had to do a little unpicking and reswing.

It was only when the quilt flimsy was complete that I realised my error on the internals of the block!

Doh!  So, not quite like the pattern in the book, but still very bright and fun.  This will rest now until I feel inspired to back, baste and quilt it.
42" square.
We also had a birthday in the household.  DD2 celebrated with socially distanced pizza in the garden on one evening, and afternoon tea with family on the following day.  My Hamilton themed cake wasn't a stunner, but did use only the fondant icing that I had on hand, which was great!

Hope that you've had a good week too!

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