Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Quilty Finish!

 I've been meaning to make a Carpenter's Wheel for years.

OK, so this is an easy version of it.  Perhaps it's a Carpenter's Star instead of a Carpenter's Wheel - I've never been good at knowing what pattern / block names are, I'm afraid.
Finally, scrap sorting / scrap busting in lockdown has prompted me to take it from the 'one day' list and move it to the 'do it now' list!

I extended the size of it with sashing and blocks of more charm squares (I have no more blue, green or neutral charm squares left).

It reached 66" x 44" which is a good size for me to quilt.
 Shame that I still managed a tuck or two in the back!  I clearly need more practice again!

Pieced backing.  I was delighted to find this peice of 'nummer' from Ikea, which only needed extending in one direction.
 I thought that I'd got enough grey left to bind the quilt, but I was wrong, so it has a brighter binding than I'd been intending, but all from stash, which is a good thing, and quite cheery.
 Alongside my quilty finish there were another couple of batches of these.
This batch made with cord elastic rather than flat elastic - all that I could get for the price I wanted to pay / in the time that I wanted to get it.

Happy sewing, everyone!

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