Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Sunshine and Showers

The joy of celebrating a birthday in the family.
 Even if the 'proper' celebration turns out to be over a video call with other family members.

We can create sunshine wherever possible.
Impossible to get away from the showers, though. 

So when many are facing CV and the related issues, I am worried about my best friend who needs to have surgery for breast cancer.  I've made her a cushion and a 'wiggly bag', but won't know for sure whether her surgery will go ahead tomorrow, or, as it is classified as 'non-essential' it will have to be cancelled.  Of course, I also won't know whether the post services from here to Australia will work in their usual timeframes!

We wait to hear and we hope.

In the meantime our umbrellas (of self distancing, being kind, doing what we can to help others) are up.

Stay safe and well, everyone.  I hope that you find enough sunshine to make rainbows of your own personal showers.

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  1. Sad to hear about your friend Plum, how worrying.We're enjoying having the young folks here,but it is definitely distracting from creative work. My sons taught me ( more patiently than I can ever remember!) the board game Takenoko, which is now one of our lockdown activities. Stay safe.


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