Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Second Finish for the Year

 You know when you come across a UFO, but you can't really remember much about it?

This is one of those. 

Found on my shelves when I was tidying them (in order to store more fabric that I bought *by accident* in the New Year sales).

I can see why I didn't complete it - there is an awful lot wrong with it - but it wasn't going to anyone any good to be left in a folded heap on the shelf, so I got on and finished it!
So: fabrics that don't have enough contrast, odd shape, missing points, poor pressing during the process so that  there are tucks on the front that are sewn in place, and a variety of different quilting patterns until I got one that I could manage with the drag of the brushed cotton backing!  I confess all to the quilting police, and I'm still managing to look on the bright side.  After all, this 30" x 50" (I know, isn't that odd proportions, what was I thinking?) quilt is now complete and can soon go to a charity to help keep someone warm.  I shall move on to something different, with no nagging quilt sitting on my shoulder!

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