Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Hidden Wells Start

 I've been seeing 'Hidden Wells' quilt blocks everywhere recently.

I decided to join in and cut some strips - a mix of grey and aqua prints.
 Sewed them into strip sets.  Joined one more time after this shot.
 Then sliced into squares

Then two squares facing each other at ninety degrees to each other.

Then sewn around on all four sides.
 Then the fun bit of cutting them on the diagonals, so that you can open them out to see what you have.
 Opened out my blocks looked like this.
 A little re-arrangement and this was the layout that I chose.
Repeat until the blocks are all made, and I've ended up with this.

From six 2.5" wof strips of four colours, I've ended up with a flimsy that is 50" x 30".

I need to decide whether to keep the top this size, add borders to it, or make more blocks.

Thought required!

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