Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Happiness in Small Things

 I felt the need to make something just for me!

This fitted the bill.  Finishing at 6 1/2" square, it really is a small size to give big happiness.  The bird house blocks (or perhaps kennels, as they look as though they are on grass rather than a branch due to my lack of thought!) are just 1 1/2" square, and didn't really make a dent in my 'miniature prints' mini stash!

Natural calico seemed a good fit for the sashing and border.
My hand sewing project over the last couple of weeks has been this fun guy.  It's a pattern by Jodie at Vintage RicRac.   He's designed to be a sewing caddy - this side of the blanket is a needle book, the other side has a scissors holder.  There were pins designed too, which I didn't make.

Another fun pattern, but not quite fast enough for me to suggest to my gal pals for a single evening of crafting activity!

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