Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Back in Time

I enjoyed a fascinating morning at Gunnersbury Park Museum this weekend. I was there with a group of like-minded textile bods who are interested in making handling samples to go alongside a display of some of the museum's textiles, including the Acton Top, this autumn.

We were allowed to get very close to the top and really examine the fabric and the stitching closely.  Fascinating stuff!  The top is approximately 200 years old, with some of the fabrics being even older.

This is my interpretation of one of the applique elements - with a little paper piecing at the bottom to ground it.  You'll have to go to the museum in the autumn to see if you can spot what it is based on!

I like to think that it's authentically wonky around the edges.....

Fun to make!  My next hand sewing will be to try my hand at clamshells (something I've only ever tried once before) for another handling piece.

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  1. It’s lovely ! Have fun with the clam shells! I used the templates you gave me, and they came out fine but were fiddly. I then found instructions in one of your magazines - apparently you only need to tack the top / convex curve not the other two 😳. Much easier


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