Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Bunting and Blocks

Small sewing projects for the start of the year, when my DDs were still off school and we were making the most of the holidays with games and family time....

First of all, these five blocks for a block 'raffle' activity.  I'm not sure quite what it entails - I suspect that it's all a gamble whether I end up with these blocks or others, and a greater or lower number than this group of five, but I do know that Benta is going to organise us, that it will be fun, and that there will be some charity quilts as an end result!
I have to say that my blocks are a little bit 'Animal Farm' - all blocks are created 8.5" but some are more 8.5" than others!

Hope that they are within the tolerances allowed!
I've also been making bunting.  Nothing fancy, just single sided triangle pennants hanging from cotton twill tape.

So far, 9m of children's bunting and 10m of yellowish bunting.  More triangles are cut, ready and waiting, and still more will be cut when the fabrics I've ordered have arrived.

Not tricky sewing, just perfect for a little mindless time with the sewing machine whilst the goings on of the house rattle along around me.
Now that my DDs have (just!) gone back to school the house can return to its normal rhythm and I can return to sewing 'properly'!

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