Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Quilt of Nature

 I had a pile of green and pale yellow with a few brown FQs (well, mostly partial FQs if I'm honest!) out, remains of a fabric pull for a Meadowlands quilt that I made a few weeks ago.  Lots of 'nature' colours and prints in there.

I decided that I didn't want them to go back into my FQ stash, so I'd better make another quilt with them.
 I cut the fabrics into 2.5" strips and joined them in three colour families (although really I just made two piles of the greens, they weren't particularly differentiated - but the pale strips were kept separate).

Then I chose an 8.5" square and set off sewing the strips around it until I either ran out of strips or reached the size that I wanted.   Luckily for me they happened at about the same time.  I've got a 60" square, and only had a few inches of strip left over.
The bowns and a yellow FQ that hadn't made it into the front edit were then patched together to make the back.

I had to add a few inches of one fabric that I wasn't in the original pile, but it pretty much worked out OK without any more stash raiding. 
Simple quilting, a plain green binding to finish it off, and we're good to go!
Simple quilting to hold everything together in case of robust use!
Shown here with the corner flipped back.

This was so much fun to make that I'm tempted to pull out more FQs and start another one!


  1. I really love how this came out--great use for leftover strips...hugs, Julierose

  2. That’s great use of you-don’t-belong-back-in-stash fabrics!!!!


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