Wednesday, 12 June 2019

More little quilts

 Another couple of projects to reduce my scraps!

These were left over scraps from my big 365 project from a while ago, that had been sitting in a little caddy on my sewing table, begging to be used.

I realised that part of my reluctance was that I had these little fiddly scraps, and a few larger ones.  Once I'd realised that I just needed to split the two different families apart, things were much easier!
 This first scrap happy item used the tiniest blocks and parts of blocks that I had, with a few other scraps used as fillers.  I made each of the nine blocks up to 4.5" square, arranged them as a nine patch and sewed them together.

I didn't want to try too much detailed quilting as there were so many thick bumps where the tiny patches were joined.  This is the back, before the 12" square was made into a cushion cover.
 This mini used up the larger pieces that I had in the same caddy.

All pretty varied, but again, made into a nine patch and sewn together to finish at 12" square.

I thought that my machine would take to quilting this with more detail, and it did.

I used a handy CD to draw around with spray away pen to give me the start lines for my feathers and bobbles, then I had fun with the small scale stipple in the central areas, and a loopy line around the edges.

Another mini that I've turned into a cushion cover.

More scraps 'busted' and a cleaner, clearer work surface.

If I could just come up with a good plan for using my old colour catchers I could make even more progress, but I haven't found exactly the right idea for using them yet!  All suggestions welcome!

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  1. great job...loved the wreaths...and, you are inspiring me to look more into those scrap baskets


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