Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Yet another little quilt!

 The final quilt from this batch of donated fabric - I promise! There were only tiny scraps left which I have passed on to Benta for her projects....

But, I managed to get sufficient 5" squares together to make this 'colour fall' quilt, letting the intensity of the colour build from the white at the top to the more saturated colours at the bottom.
 Bound with more of the lime green spots,
backed with those fun cupcakes.
 I wanted the quilting to reflect the vertical rhythm to the quilt, so I did an up and down 'flame' type pattern.
It made up to approximately 38" square.  Not huge, but enough to keep a baby snuggled in.

Destined for Project Linus or similar.

Thanks Benta for leading the charge on these fun projects that germinated with the block bingo game at Richmond and Kew Quilters!


  1. I love the colour drift on this one! (And the bag of scraps too thank you xxx)

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