Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Tiny Quilt Fun.

 A tiny quilt finish this week!

At just 8" square, this makes me smile every time that I see it (which is frequently, as I've hung it just above my PC!).

The blocks were fun to make.  Yes, I've made plenty of mistakes, but they are all my own work, not the fault of the pattern at all!  This is my version of the Sew Tiny Sampler by Kitty Wilkin which was released last month.
The blocks had so much going on in them already that I didn't want to overwhelm them with quilting, so I just echo quilted in the sashing.  It would have been more accurate if my sewing machine light was working (do I need to confess that a call to my sewing machine repair guy managed a down-the-phone-line fix when he asked "Have you tried the light switch on the back of the machine?"......who knew?  I've only had the machine (ahem) about ten years!).

Still, a good fun finish, with plenty of room for self improvement if (when!) I give it another go!


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