Wednesday, 30 March 2016

More baking and sewing my Little Hazel!

Apologies for the streak of sunlight over these photos - clearly its been so long since I've seen it that I've forgotten to adjust for it!

This was the last ring in Esther Aliu's Little Hazel. I was pleased with my progress!
 This is it pinned to the outer part that will square it up.

Unfortunately, as you might just be able to make out here, I managed to rotate the inner star, so that the four points that should be pointing at the corners weren't going to be.  Ugh!  Fortunately I noticed before I sewed it, but it was annoying to have to repin it all!
 Here it is with the purple squaring up border.  It's not quite as wiggly in real life - hanging it on a wiggly fleece doesn't help here -  although I have lost a few of the green points, I'm afraid.  Not ideal, but I shall gift the quilt to a non-quilter who will never notice!

On the whole I'm pleased with progress, although I shall be happier still that the future blocks are smaller!
The last hurrah of the birthday happened last week - with a triple layer chocolate mousse cake extravaganza (do I have to confess that there was only a layer of chocolate mousse included as I defrosted it thinking that it was more chocolate buttercream?).

Well received, although I'm pleased to be done with big cakes for the moment.  Bake to work-a-day baking without either buttercream or fondant icing on show!

Easter over, but the Easter holidays in full swing!  Less sewing time than usual, but fun and high jinks instead!

Hope that you are having fun too!

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  1. The cake looks fab, and adding the mousse sounds like a great design feature - and I still can't see the initial problem with the quilt top but it looks fab now - you could gift it to a quilter if you wanted, I'm sure she'd be delighted!!!!


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