Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Day Give-a-way - it's a snap!

 This week I've made several 'snap' bags - prompted by trying to use a metal retractable ruler that had a kink in it, and remembering that I'd seen a tip suggesting that one could recycle the unkinked part of the tape make 'snap' bags.  Much cheaper than buying snap frames, but the stitching will have to hold the end of the ruler in place so user reviews would be welcome......  so, I've decided to use our extra day this year to offer one of my extra bags to anyone who says that they would like one.  Just to give you an idea the bags are about 7" square..... Just leave me a comment and I'll pull a number out of a hat before I post again next week (perhaps with a tutorial so that you could make your own - they are quite simple!).  If you would like to have a shot at a runner-up prize of a partly used reel of variegated blue Cotty thread then let me know that.  I haven't got on with it with my machine, and don't think that I'll get through it using it for handwork!

I made several in the Clothkits fabric (lovely and bright!) as birthday presents before turning to slightly more muted colours and die-cut 'waste' - destined for the craft table for my quilt group's show later in the year.

The only only other sewing I've managed is this block - machine applique using materials pulled out of the rubbish bin - cardboard, drinks packs, orange nets, colour catchers, waterproof nylon.

It's supposed to be a flower (based on a tile work one that I have a photo of) but every time I glimpse it I think that it's something to do with a mouse or a castle......  I may re-visit it!

I hope that you are enjoying your extra day this year - and if you aren't planning to use it for anything in particular, perhaps you could let me have it (or just a few extra hours?) so that I can fit in a bit more time for sewing!

Happy Leap Day!


  1. Hi Plum
    I'd love to throw my name in the hat for one of your bags! I have no idea how they work so a tutorial would be a great idea!!

  2. I would love to win one of those bags--sooo cute!! Julierose Thank you for the chance to win....

  3. Hi plum, I'm not seeking a bag, just wanted to comment. These lok good. I'm a bit stumped as to how to catch them in to the bag seams though. Hope you had a good day.

  4. The bags look great, they are on my "I'd like o, one day" list!! I think Wilma on my followers did a tutorial a while ago, and I think she wrapped the cut ends with a few layers of masking tape o keep them from making holes in the fabric. I'd love for my ame o go in the hat :-) x x x

  5. (sorry, blogger froze on me o I couldn't add the missing letters, hope you can guess! Sorry but I can't share my extra day, I've had to find a world book day costume - the curse of working in a school, today, Matthew, (Plum) I will be Josephvand his amazing technicolor dreamcoat

  6. The snap bags look fun. I like the idea of recycling a metal ruler - but not sure I have one with a kink in it (do you think my DH would notice if I raided his workshop and accidently bent one - after all he seems to collect them the way I collect fabric!)


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