Friday, 3 February 2012

Fabric Fun

 Not much of my own sewing this week, but I spent a few hours helping out with DD1's year group during their 'Maths and Art' week. 

The day that I helped they were looking at Paul Klee and how he used shape, symbol and colour.

Each of the two classes made a wall hanging, using voile rectangles for the background (plenty of spray adhesive on the backing fabric first) and then designing and placing symbols to represent either their school or Twickenham.

I think you'll agree that they did a stunning job!

I can't say that they are my best work (I sewed everything down to secure it) but as they are only likely to be on display for a few months I thought that I'd probably done enough to hold it together for that!

The children were very enthusiastic and engaged in the whole process, which was lovely to see.

 I wonder if I could go back to school to get handwriting classes, though.  I stitched this 'freehand' on the machine, and probably should have drafted it in pen first - although that wouldn't have made the writing any better, as despite being a larger scale, it still resembles my writing when I was about eight years old (and trying hard to be neat, just like I was on this!)
 My own sewing has taken a back seat, with time and energy devoted to the hangings, but I did cut loose with my soldering iron to try out a piece for my C&G based on a shape that I'd seen on a tractor.  I really liked the flippy-floppiness of the voile, but it really doesn't photograph well - if you look at the detail shot below you can see that I couldn't get the lighting right - as soon as I moved it away from the wall to allow the fabric to flop about I was faced with shadows, which from a distance just make the whole thing look out of focus.  A bit of a shame, as it does look better than this in real life, honest!
I'm planning to try another piece with the shapes that were cut from this grid - more next week, perhaps!

Hope that you are having  a fun crafty time too!


  1. Love the school project, we're trying to set up a parent and child sewing club at school to make a wall hanging for the golden jubilee

  2. Re flippy floppieness.

    Why not try putting it on the floor and standing on a chair, table stepladder ????
    Works for me for my work in progress photos.

    Hugz Helen from Hobart


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