Wednesday 20 September 2023

Penguin Terrace

So here is what I did with the tiny improv houses that I showed you last week.  Last week it was all Jo Avery.  This week, after an inspiring talk by Anne Kelly, this is what it has become - with fabric, lace, gimp and lots and lots of stitching!

The additions were laid on as raw edge applique.  Tree-like flowers were added in front of the houses, along with a few penguins that I found in my scrap drawer.

I paid attention to Anne's stitching.  Not only was it dense, making good use of decoration stitches, but it also changed direction to add extra interest.

I did that too.

I may not have reached Anne's quality of work, but, my goodness me I had fun!

So, here are a few details from Penguin Terrace.

I hope you enjoy seeing how it has transformed from last week to this week.

Now hanging on my wall.  Approximately 17" x 12"

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