Tuesday 26 November 2013

Coming together and a present to myself


I was in need of something life affirming this week after the death of a friend.  I guess that you can tell that I'm a confirmed quilter when I chose to buy myself a new foot for my sewing machine.  I decided to seize the moment, embrace life and not worry about spending more money than I  >should<.  I hope that it will make my FMQ just a little more accurate, as I'll be able to see where the needle is even more clearly.  Only time will tell - and I have to confess that despite its starring role under the foot, I have yet to set another stitch on this quilt, which I am still a little uncertain about!

I have, however, made some little Christmas pouches as a nice way of gifting vouchers or money.  A 'quilt as you go' type idea using strips of Christmas fabric over a felt base.  Very simple.  Very quick. I think that it probably took less than 30 minutes to make all four, that's from deciding to make them to actually finishing them, although I did have some Christmas FQs to hand to cut the strips from.

Even quicker were the paper (map) versions that I made - a piece of paper 8" x 4", folded 3" up to make a pouch with the corners cut off at 45 degrees to make an envelope shape.  Sew around the three side (on the flap it is just for decoration) and you have a perfect gift wallet.  Even better if you cut a semi-circle out of the non-flap end before you sew it, so that the gift note or voucher can be seen peeping out when the flap is lifted up. 

My other sewing this week has been hand sewing - the final touches to Part 5 of Love Entwined.  Completed!  Hurrah!  Do you like my little worm coming out of the flower?  Check the photos out below - I don't seem to be able to match text to photos this week on Blogger sorry!

Part 6 beckons - I'm ready to start tracing shapes onto freezer paper but have other calls on my time and energy at the moment!


  1. So sorry, thoughts and prayers with you and the familyxxxx. Some beautiful work going on there, and a great idea for pouches! ( I think you have given me an idea !!!)

  2. Hi Plum sorry to hear about your friend, words are never enough. See you soon I hope.


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