Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Creative Upcycling

Once I'd got over the prospect of ripping pages out of a book (a 1950's cookery book that wasn't going to be sold or used anywhere, so far as I could see) my gal pals and I (me? sorry, grammar not my strong point and if I've just upset people who know about these things I can only apologise) put Constance Spry to use and made some lovely Christmas decorations.  it was either that or run out to buy a melon to try her melon salad recipe (make a melon basket.  Cut the melon flesh into 1" cubes and dress with french dressing mixed with curry powder and let down with a little cream.  Hmmm.  Perhaps tastes have changed in 60 years, or perhaps it never sounded that good.  Who can tell?)

Origami wreaths tutorial here from  'Domesticali'), humbug shaped present holders (tutorial here from 'Sew Many Ways') and decoupage MDF heart tags  you can guess involved glue and ripped paper!

All easy projects (or easy once you've stolen the loo roll inners from the children who were saving them to make crackers.....) so we found time to make some beaded stars too. 

My biggest problem with this post is that my camera appears to have been dropped once too often and can't focus properly, so these photos have all be taken on my phone.  I'm not sure that Santa reads my blog, though, so I might just have to treat myself to a new (and robust) camera.

In the meantime, anyone who would like to buy a Christmas tree this weekend and is in the Twickenham area should come down to St Marys CE School on Sunday morning where my DH is running the school Christmas Tree Sale.  My DD's will be there for some of it (sporting specially purchases 'Elf hats') and I'm planning to take a cash box and a chair and play cashier.  We all hope to see you there!


  1. The folded decorations look great, was that with A and L? Hope the tree sale goes well, we are boring and go for an artificial one, not sure where it will go this year - the new furniture is a bit bigger that the old stuff!

  2. Love your repurposed decorations although I would also struggle to cut up a book!

  3. I love the idea of your folded paper decorations. Glad the Xmas tree sale went OK as well x


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