Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Chick chick chick chicken....

..... don't lay a little egg for tea!  I wouldn't really fancy a stuffing and fabric egg!

Part of my sewing this week was leading my quilting group in a 'Christmas Chicken' making session - very simple to make, and everyone seemed pleased with the idea.  There may be a chicken kit giveaway in the not too distant future....

I've had two other projects this week.  One was to make pyjamas (and, it turned out, a skirt) for one of DD2's teddy bears - a useful distraction whilst her big sister was out playing with a friend.

My other project was to make up the foundation pieced blocks that I'd designed - one based on a bit of railway and platform, the other on a section of baling machine.

Curved piecing for foundation blocks?  I always knew that it was going to be tricky, but these curves were almost too severe given that the blocks are only 9" square.....

What I was 'supposed' to be doing was making notes on shape, of course, but I'd almost always rather be sewing!

Hope that you are having fun too.


  1. These blocks look lovely and graphic Plum. Thanks for the kit, what a nice surprise.

  2. I am SO sorry that I didn't make it on Monday, partly because it was so rude of me, but partly cos I love the chickens!!! The foundation piecing looks great (lovely colours) I haven't done much (just flying geese and pineapple blocks on Foundation by the yard) but how on earth do you FP curves?


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