Wednesday, 18 July 2018

I beat my deadline!

 Quillow complete!

The photos don't do the soft colours justice - I may try some more photos on a day when the light is different.  However, the quillow is finished three days earlier than my self imposed deadline.

Here is the quillow in it's cushion form, using the same sort of quarter square triangle blocks that are on the quilt, but a smaller scale.
 Here is is unfurled as a quilt.
 Then I tried a 'flat' photo - but at 60" square it didn't quite fit into the space on my sewing room floor!
Lastly, folded up.  Technically it isn't truly finished as I haven't made and added the label yet, but that will happen when I have my printable fabric out in a couple of days time. 

Another project complete!

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