Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Strip Happy!

 I'm back to my scrap busting again.

This time working through the short lengths of 2 1/2" strips and the various lengths of 1 1/4" strips.

Shown here are a few of the 'yellow' and 'green' blocks.

I've made 15 yellows and 13 greens.  Still to work on the purples, blues, neutrals, pinks....
 Once I've made (and trimmed) all the blocks I'll work out how I'm going to mix them and what size top or tops I'm going to create.  I'm really excited about these blocks.  There is a lot of (easy) sewing, and they are oddly satisfying to produce.
Lucky that it was a quick block to make this week for the Aves Quilt - or at least, I chose a quick technique to complete it!

I went 'quick and dirty' with a HST background and fusible applique machined down.  Fun to make.  I admire the people who are making a carefully pieced background and hand appliqueing the pieces to it - but it just wasn't what I wanted to do this week.

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  1. Love the half log cabin blocks - they’ll make some great quilts xxx


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