Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Kew Trip

 No sewing to show today - but a glorious trip to Kew Gardens to share.

Creeping up on a peacock - who didn't seem to mind that our approach wasn't subtle.
 Fabulous cherry blossom, fittingly on the edge of the Japanese garden.
 Proud as a peacock -  a handsome chap who stood for photographs very patiently.
 This blossom makes me want to start a camellia quilt straight away!
The earliest bluebells.

So much colour and life as spring comes to West London.  I feel very privileged to live so close to Kew.  Within five or ten minutes (with the help of DH to drive me there!) we can be behind the wall and enjoying the different themes and spectacles of the gardens.

I hope that you have somewhere that you can access to give you 'time out' and inspiration too.


  1. I haven't been for years (mmm, maybe just into this century!) looks like you had a great time!

  2. I haven't visited any garden since last few years. I stay occupied in my work and family, couldn't get time for my ownself. But, after reading your blog, I am realizing that I should visit the garden and take some fresh air.


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