Wednesday, 15 March 2017

More Quilting

 This is what my sewing area looks like with the monster quilt all ready for quilting.  Everything that's usually behind or to the left of the sewing machine and the extension table has been moved.  In fact, with the benefit of experience, everything that is usually under the (clear) extension table has also been moved, otherwise there is a chance that it will be jiggled out of position when I'm wrestling the quilt!
 The border of meandering gave way to a border of oyster shells.  Of course, I hadn't really thought through that although the patterns I was choosing were nice and simple, each round is considerable larger than the preceding one, so it is taking me longer than I'd thought to quilt it!
 Outside the oyster shells I'm attempting a round of mixed feathers and meandering - all quite random!  It really feels as though its been a long time since I've attempted feathers and they aren't the most beautiful of their type at the moment.  I'm hoping that I'll improve as I go round, whilst still refusing to do any mark marking on the quilt so they are VERY freehand, if you know what I mean!
 The same corner shown above from the back is shown here from the front too.  It's not great quilting, but it feels great to be doing some after several months without quilting!
Of course, other life goes on, and I was struck by this 'tufted tartan' pattern at the weekend, observed at a local ploughing match.  First furrows made perpendicular to last year's maize crop and judged before the competitors got back to work ploughing their sections with care (and sometimes careful measurements).  Fascinating to watch, whether it was tractor, rotavator or horse ploughing.

I hope that you are getting inspiration from life around you too!


  1. Your monsterquilt looks so colourful! I can see that you are having fun with the quilting too! We used to go to ploughing matches too - fascinating!

  2. I didn't know about plowing contests - I wonder if they do those in the U.S. Maybe in Kansas, Texas, Iowa, etc. It sounds interesting! I was also away from my quilting for several months, and had to do a couple mini quilts up to get my hands/arms back into the feel of it all. Good for you, going for complete freehand! I haven't yet loosened myself up 100% that way, and I really need to go for that freedom.

  3. Very intermittent wifi here in Texas but delighted to have got through to see this even if it's just a snippet! The quilting looks great - just remember to enjoy it!

  4. Wow! I love your 365 quilt. The layout of the colors is just sharp! Also your graffiti quilting is looking so good. What a great quilt!


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