Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bits and Bobs

 On Saturday (happy International Quilting Day, by the way!) I went to a workshop with Janet Bolton, who produces fabulous hand sewn applique pictures.  My head wasn't in quite the right space when I arrived - and I'd forgotten to think about a subject or taken any 'starter' images with me, so rather than producing a completed piece of work I worked on two 'canvases' instead, using 'rules' and suggestions from Janet.

This first one is all about Dartmoor with uncertain weather, and will be finished with Hounds Tor and perhaps, if I'm feeling brave, my attempt at representations of my family climbing it, as they did at half term.
 This second 'canvas' carries the aqua dot fabric forward, and I'm hoping might be a chance to show one of the Dartmoor ponies that we saw.

I really like the idea of carrying another fabric from this one into another 'canvas' too - but I need to think about what the subject will be.

It was interesting to find that even though I'd started with different proportions / dimensions, both these pieces ended up at almost identical sizes.  Obviously that was the size that I fancied on Saturday!
 Two more tiny projects this week.

A 'new home' card for a friend.
And a cup and saucer for a birthday card.  The fabric scraps are from the bunting that I made with a vaguely 'vintage' feel to support the tea party that my elder daughter will enjoy for her birthday.

I might even show the bunting next week, once it's been hung for the event!

I'm still making (slow) progress on the monster quilt too - but I got quite stiff so have had a few days break from it!

This week will be more about cake baking and decorating than sewing, but I'm still hoping to make more progress on the quilt!


  1. Oh, Plum! That must have been a fantastic workshop!
    Look forward to seeing your canvasses finished! I love your cards!
    Have a great week .... hoping to see your bunting!
    Barbara x

  2. Glad the workshop went well, sorry I missed it xxx

  3. I love that new home card! Hope the stiffness eases soon so you can get back to the monster!

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