Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Still Bright!

 Remember me saying that I was going to have to measure walls to see where this sampler quilt could go, and exactly what shape to make it?  Well, I did that, and it caused me to falter slightly on my block making, as I'm going to struggle to fit anything with all the blocks included anywhere in the house!

I've decided to go ahead and make all the blocks still, but to be prepared to make a mini quilt if I have left over blocks from whatever layout I choose.  The layout isn't yet a 'done deal' in my head!
 In the meantime I made these last blocks - four 'real' ones and two simpler bonus blocks.
The rest of my sewing time was taken up with this 12 1/2" corner - the final one - as I wanted to make sure that I'd got enough fabric for it to match the other three.  It was really complicated and time consuming - but working through, one step at a time, I not only started but finished it (apart from one rogue red piece in the central stem - how did that get there?!?).

Now it's time to embark on the final push - a set of 6" light blocks - I'm guessing that there must be about 50 to make, although I haven't counted them. Looking forward to them!

Hope that you are sewing in a happy way too!

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