Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Bright January Days

 Even if the weather means that the light outside might be dull, I can always find some beautiful fabric to brighten up a day!

That plus finally getting rid of my cold are enough to cheer anyone up!

This is a 12 1/2" block - the third corner of the 365 ultimate sampler quilt. 
 These two are 6 1/2" blocks - quick and simple ones.
 Then I made a full dozen of these little 3 1/2" lovelies - some of them easier than others!

 Lots of fun to make, though!  I'm still two months behind, but cheerful.  I do enjoy these fiddly piecing projects, even if I could work harder at being accurate.
It won't be long until it will be time to sew all these darks into border blocks.

As I'm intending this to be hung on a wall I need to make sure that I've got the dimensions of the space I have available ready so that I can avoid stitching it together and then having to unstitch it!  I just hope that I've got room to include all the blocks.....
This set have lots of movement in them, don't they?

As a total contrast, I lead one of a set of mini workshops at my quilting meeting - on freezer paper applique!  Not what I've been working on this year at all, but I found that I'd got a lovely sample quilt from 14 years ago!  Sometimes it's easy to forget how long I've been quilting for.  Playing with thread and fabric is a big part of how I choose to spend 'me time' and has become part of how I see myself.  Thank goodness that I have this fabulous world to indulge in and fabulous quilters to share it with.  Thank you, one and all!


  1. Lovely blocks Plum. I just wouldn't have the patience for those tiny pieces. Sorry to miss your mini workshop at R and K, sounds as if it all went well.

  2. Great blocks, Plum, especially the yellow one!

    Well done leading he workshop, that must have been fun!

    Happy New Year,

    Barbara x

  3. Just lovely blocks; I really like your color choices on these...hugs, Julierose

  4. keep at the 365 as you have com so far. I was 40 blocks behind one time, but ended up on time at the end. Mine is at the Longarmer.


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