Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Stop and smell the roses!

 The first day of June!  Not too much sunshine where I live, but glorious roses blooming their hardest in the gardens of my neighbours which I can enjoy whenever I leave the house, including one bush which the owner has put a 'stop and smell the roses' sign on.  DD2 stops each day as she passes the garden on the way to school and inhales the lovely scent.  What a great way to start the day!

I've been working on my 365 blocks again this week.
 Love the pops of colour.  I think that the two stars at the bottom of this set of four are some of my favourites so far.
 Again, more blocks made than there are days in the week, so my slow catch up continues!
 I've also been lucky enough to attract some more beautiful fabric from a well travelled friend who was reducing her stash.  Gorgeous fabrics bought from Africa and the Far East.
Small amounts of domestic sewing too.  I bound the lower edge of these cut off oven gloves - only to confirm when I used them that they are still too big / wrongly shaped for my personal 'best fit'.  I think that I need to make a pair from scratch again!

I've also been sewing name tapes on.  I suspect that having a uniform ready for September when May hadn't even finished was a little bit on the prompt side, but at least I know that we have everything that we need!

I hope that you are enjoying something fun this week too - and that you are able to enjoy your own rose smelling or it's equivalent too!


  1. Gorgeous summery colours Plum. the roses are amazing just now. Perhaps the lack of sun means that the scent is not dispersed as much - she says trying to look on the positive side.

  2. I like all of the blocks and love the colors.

  3. Your 365 blocks look great!

  4. Great advice from your neighbour! 365 is looking amazing!


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