Wednesday, 29 June 2016

More Cake, More Blocks, More Sewing with a Good Heart.

It's been a busy week - with some time taken to rant about the upsetting referendum result.

This is my favourite 365 challenge block that I've made over the past 7 days.  Shown here at it's 'raw' 6 1/2" square, it won't be long until we have sufficient blocks to make the next 'frame' on the pattern (not that I've actually assembled the inner darks yet - still a project for another day!).
I managed six blocks this week.  I'm only about 10 days out of date on it, which I'm quite proud of!

 We hosted DD2's 11th birthday party at the weekend - Snoopy themed.  Who amongst us quilters could resist asking the guests to help make a quilt for Project Linus, after explaining to them that the charity was named after the Charlie Brown character?

They set to with gusto, and are seen here admiring their handiwork.
I've added a few more strips to this 'stitch and flip' quilt (so pieced and quilted all at once - a great way to make a simple hardwearing quilt).  I just need to complete the binding now.  Well done girls!  It just shows how willing young people are, in any situation, to help create something for people less well off than themselves.   There is hope.
My other sewing has been a few more 'sweet pea pods'.  Quick to sew - I need to find a source of zipper pulls to add to the zipper teeth that I have left!

Finally, a snap of the cake that I created.  Relatively simple to decorate, using toys that I bought from eBay to complete it!

Planning a more restful week now!


  1. Great idea to get the girls involved in the LInus Project. Your Sweet Pea pods are so cute, I loved making them myself. Look at for the zipper pulls, but make sure you have the same brand of zippers. The pulls did NOT work on the zippers I bought at JoAnn Fabrics. I could attach the pull but the teeth would not interlock when I tried to zip it. Cute birthday cake. Have a happy week. Blessings, Gretchen

  2. I like your 365 blocks. Its so fun to see the colours everyone is choosing. I like the quilt the girls made for project Linus.

  3. OhMyGosh that block is fab - but insane!!! Great idea to get the girls to make s quilt - didn't they do well!!! Any news on the blue peter quilt? I get my zips from zipit on ETSY, and she sells pullers, I got some with my last order, I can bring them to R&K if you want some!


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