Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A bumper week!

 Life isn't always perfect - and I'm here to show you that blocks aren't always perfect either!

Spot the mistake with this block?  Hmmm.  Yes.  Me too - not even I could sweep this one under the carpet!

I wasn't feeling the love for it, so confess to just chopping the extra fabric off, thus losing the chevron effect.  Oh well!  Only you and me know that, no one looking at the finished quilt will ever know that it was designed any differently!
 It was only one of twelve, yes, TWELVE, 365 challenge blocks that I made this week.

There are some glorious patterns to enjoy!
 Here's that rogue block with the outer parts chopped off - and some others with their points intact.
 Some of these blocks are quite fast, others seem more time consuming - but it's all good fun!
 Yesterday I started to cut out the pieces for my Little Hazel (last months part - oops!).

I even got as far as making up one of the eight blocks that are going to be produced - just as well, as I need to look at where the points are ending up on the outer edges!

If I wanted to boast about how productive I've been, I might also mention the 'army' trousers (simple pull on trousers in camo fabric) that I've made for my DD2 for a school production.  Such a long time since I've made any sort of garment, but it was fun to draft a simple pattern based on a pair of her pyjama bottoms and get something that more or less fitted!

Another pair coming up later this week as one of her friends needs the same sort of costume!

Have fun with whatever you are sewing too!


  1. Lovely Plum. So many teeny pieces and points in those blocks - you have infinite patience.

  2. Lots of work in these and I love the colours.

  3. Oh wow - you have been busy! I think the block looks much better without the chevrons!!!! Xxxx


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