Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Small Pleasures

 You know those weeks where they seem full, busy, chaotic - but you can't really find what took all the time by the end of them?  That was the sort of week that I had! 
In fairness, I did some useful sewing done, just not as much as I'd hoped!
 I made (in the company of lovely friends) some bunny bags this week, ready for Easter.  Based almost entirely on this tutorial by  I love that by ignoring the face embroidery I can get a quick gift that looks like a bunny hiding in a bag!  If you have four charm squares, some ribbon and about 20 minutes you should give it a go!

I also made the first 6" block from the 365 challenge.  I'm starting to think that I need to buy more dark batiks to feed into the making as the project is eating them up faster than I was expecting.
 Time off for a bit of quilting retail therapy, provided by the lovely Isabelle of Creative Quilting who packed up a good sized chunk of her shop and brought it to my quilting group on Monday night.  So pleased that they are now stocking Aurifil - my favourite thread!  Also a new to me magazine title which I'm looking forward to reading.
Finally a showcase of Week 10 (although I need to check how I've got 8 blocks rather than 7 shown here.  It's entirely possible that the last one will reappear next time I show you a weeks worth of blocks too!

Some fiddly piecing - on that last basket the little half square triangles are 1" blocks, so only 1/2" shows once they are finished.  Lots of fun when they work!

Hope that you are finding fun and small pleasures this week too!


  1. The basket is clearly a sign of insanity, but the bunny bags are great, I've seen them, or similar, on quite a few blogs, shame I haven't got anyone the right age to appreciate one!

  2. like the bunnies Plum. I think I've read an edition of that magazine before and found it very instructive. I'll be interested to hear your opinion.


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