Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Katy Catchup

 Playing "Katy Catchup" with my 365 challenge this week!

So lovely to get to make the centre medallion - I had fun breaking out the bright batiks for it (whilst remembering to use some of the prints that I've been using in the darker blocks so that it has some continuity).

I wish that I'd got all the sub units right the first time, though.  I haven't taken a picture, but I originally put the block together with some of the flying geese facing the wrong direction.  I had to spend longer than I wanted unpicking it before resewing the right way around!
 These are the blocks from week 8 of the challenge.
These are the five from week 9 - we had two days to make the centre medallion, so only five small blocks.

I've nearly caught up!  Just last six days to make and I'll be there.

I've also got another sewing project with a deadline for the weekend, so I'd better get on with that too!


  1. Ooo, was für ein schöner Blog. Du machst viele schöne Dinge!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. You have been busy! It's all looking great, hope to see you on Monday xxx


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