Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Teeny Sewing

 Isn't he cute?  I wish I could remember which blogger showed her one, that made me jump on to Craftsy and buy the pattern instantly - coz although not sophisticated, Stu the Penguin  (and no, that isn't a command, "Stew the penguin" although possibly the designer enjoys a pun!) is bang on trend but teeny enough to take hardly any time to sew!  Want one too?  Then go over to my little mochi and buy your own.  Comes with printables, puzzles and other accessories to sew.

So how big is Stu?  That's the joy of him.  He and his fish fit inside an Altoids tin.  Got no Altoids to hand?  Don't worry, turns out that there is a thriving market in the empty tins on Ebay - who knew?  Gotta love an auction site that lets me buy empty sweet tins.  Turns out that I could have wanted one to house a Raspberry Pi, but I didn't!
 So later this week Stu will have some igloo papers printed out for him and stuck onto on the tins.  Another project that isn't quite finished yet, but the sewing part is done!

I was glad that Stu was a success - this is a photo of the hand sewing that I'd tried about a month ago.

I know.  Criminal waste of fabric and sequins!  Even my lovely DDs looked at and couldn't think of anything supportive to say! 

Proof, if I should need it, that if the hands and mind aren't ready for sewing it's best to leave the scissors and needles out of reach until the planets are correctly aligned, or whatever it is that makes a difference to my sewing.
This week I'm pleased to say that I've managed a bit of machine sewing.

The obvious project to work on would be the one with the blocks already sewn and ready to make into a flimsy.  Who wants to stick with obvious?  I decided that the arrival of a charm pack and a new ruler in the same post must be an omen - so broke them both open and decided to try and make just one more little quilt before school breaks up for Christmas!

Wish me luck!

Happy winter stitching, one and all, and I hope that you are at the 'success' end of the scale!


  1. LOL~!!~ I am so skilled at side-stepping the obvious projects for something more entertaining (and often "new" - which is easy to justify when I pull that new project out of long-stored kits purchased in past years ::rolling eyes at myself) :D That ruler looks fun - and I'm thinking it would be just the ticket for a double charm pack that's been sitting in my storage since 2010!

  2. that ruler looks clever! I've got the sizzix die for that shape, which is great for yardage but not for charm packs! Stu reminds me of my Plum-Bot - the red felt robot type thing you made me years ago - he looks a bit like a cross between a voodoo doll and a hedgehog as he holds all my needles!


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