Wednesday, 3 December 2014


 Only small bits of sewing and crafting to show this week - and all for deadlines (or at least, scheduled!) in one way or another!

The first item is the quilted postcard I made for Avril's birthday.  I used a thicker than usual thread in the bobbin and tried to stitch the feather from the reverse.....a fun experiment, and one that I'll try again.

Learning point: slow down on the wide open curves to avoid 'eye lashes' on them.
 Next item to show is a slip cover for a scrapbooking album.  A winter wedding is soon to take place, so this has the bride and groom's names as well as the date and year on them.  Not a desperately complicated design, but made with love!
 My girls and their friends had a bit of a Hama bead session on Friday.  I'd pinned a few ideas from Pinterest  which I showed to them, and they set to.
I was so impressed with the snowflake that I  took it so that you could see it properly against a darker background - isn't it a great idea?  I confess to having made a couple myself, now!

The weather has turned chilly which is just setting the mood for writing Christmas cards  so there may not be much sewing to show next week either!

Hope that the start of December is letting you find a little time for crafting and sewing too!


  1. I want to try that backward-bobbin-sewing technique. Was it a pain to get your bobbin back to normal for regular thread afterward?

  2. The sewing looks great, and I love the hema designs! Are the snowflakes fragile? I usually tell the kids to go at least two abreast, but yours looks fine - did you iron both sides?


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